NicFree Regular Size 20 Packs

NicFree Pocket Size 30 Packs


What is NICFREE?

NICFREE filters traps most of the tar and addictive nicotine in cigarette smoke without compromising the flavor of your favorite cigarettes.

Most of the disposable cigarette filters currently on the market utilize similar technologies. However, NICFREE has proven technology and design leading the market.

NICFREE cigarette filters are known to eliminate morning cough after 3-4 weeks of continuos use.

We have developed NICFREE to offer smokers the most advanced and most effective disposable cigarette FILTER and HOLDER.

One NICFREE filters will fit on your major cigarette brand and is good for 3-5 cigarettes. Use it to get rid of nicotine stains on your fingers as well as to regain the natural color of your teeth and most importantly reduce hazard intake to your lungs.

NICFREE will help get your smoking habit under control. Filter out most of the bad stuff before it reaches your lungs. NICFREE cigarette filters are sized to fit regular cigarettes only and will not fit "slim" cigarettes.

How it works

Insert your cigarette into the
Nicfree filter.

Before & After Smoking

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